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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I'm Leah, AKA Twistanturnu. I spent three years at college studying Games Design. This is my place to relax and just have fun.
My art can vary - I do 'detailed' pencil art, 'comic book' style marker and ink work, and digital art which changes depending on my mood! I like playing with Photoshop's tools, after all!

Please ask if you have any questions for me.

You can also find me on Tumblr and under the same screen name.

With me, you can expect....
Dungeons & Dragons / Transformers / Matrix / Pokemon / Kirby / Deadly Premonition / Resident Evil / Neverhood / Clock Tower / GI Joe / MST3K / Aphex Twin / Boards of Canada / Dune / Half Life + Portal / Star Trek

I also love the following works and artists...
Hunter S. Thompson / Sergio Leone / Wes Anderson / Akira Kuroswa / Terry Gilliam / VNV Nation / Squarepusher / Trigun / Serial Experiments Lain / Batman

I have a crush on Jonathan Crane. Is that silly?
I've been tagged by :icontheultione: and, well, I find these a lot of fun! So here... ^_^

1 - You have to post ALL the rules.
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
3. Choose 12 people
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people.
5. You can't say you don't do tags. (I DEFY YOU, RULES! YOU HAVE NO POWER! >:0)
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED.
7. You must do the journal entries.

1 - If you could change your name to anything at all, what'd you change it to?
Reinhild, or Valentina... I love German and Russian names. This is silly, but I've always wanted to change my name, Leah, to Lear. It's a small change but I prefer how it looks, plus people wouldn't have to learn a new name! XD 

2 - What's the first video game you've ever played? (or at least, the earliest memory you have)
My (much older than me) siblings let me 'help' play Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider. The first game I owned was Pokemon Yellow, though.

3 - Any unpopular opinions? Doesn't have to be profound.
Hmm... Nothing big but I usually love totally irredeemable, immoral jerk characters that everyone else hates. \(;_:)/

4 - If you could take a game/show/series/whatever that you feel is very flawed and change it so it's.. less flawed, how would you go about doing it? (what would you change?)
Oh, don't get me started! I think we should be remaking bad films into good ones instead of remaking great films and ruining them. I've always wanted to remake Laserblast into a dark, ultraviolent thriller about teen violence by making the characters less cliched and... well, generally making it competently. I would also change Falling Skies by giving it logical characters who actually talk like real people. And I'd make the Transformers and GI Joe live action films resemble their freaking source material. And I'd cut out the redundant gameplay content on Resident Evil 6 and make it more akin to 4 and not ruin Chris. AND-

5 - What's something you eat that you absolutely love but no one around you does? For me, it's probably either pineapple on pizza (;P) or mustard on a salad.
I LOVE seafood like squid, octopus, mussels, scallops, and sushi, which no one here really likes (boring countryside people!). I also love lychees but it seems like hardly anyone has tried them?

6 - What's the biggest disappointment you've had, in terms of games? Or if you've never played a disappointing game.. what's the biggest disappointment you've had, period?
Hometown Story. Thought I was gonna get a sweet Harvest Moon experience, but it was shallow and boooooring. Huge waste of time. And, even though I love it, I'll admit Armikrog was unfinished, easy, and light on content.

7 - If you could create your own TV show, game, book, etc. what would you create? Share your cool ideas with me, yo
Well... I'm currently writing a book and a webcomic. I'm keeping the story to myself, but my comic is basically a cyberpunk story about a ultra-fabulous alien assassin, a dorky alien psychic, a hyperactive alien entrepreneur, and one very confused, peeved-off human struggling to overcome his past and his anger issues. Expect cosy heart-to-hearts in scummy pubs, lots of angst, and spontaneous ultraviolence. If I stop being lazy and finish it. :P

8 - What's an obscure fact you know (about anything)?
Oh no. X'D Uhh, d-did you know Aphex Twin is Ceephax Acid Crew's biggest admirer and they're totally tight, which is really really cool? (That was lame...)

9 - What should you be working on right now instead answering my dumb questions?
My apprenticeship homework or some drawings. This is fun, though! :P

10 - I'm gonna steal a question from my tagger and say 'Describe yourself as a character trope/stereotype'
Idiot savant.

11 - Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, or Steampunk? (for me it's a close one between cyber and diesel but I'm going with the latter)
I love, love, love cyberpunk! Roll on the William Gibson love!!!

12 - And lastly.. I guess, what's your favourite artwork from anther artist on here? Like your number one piece, the one that made you sign up to this site, the one that serves as your inspiration to this day... ok it doesn't have to be all of those but yeah
I live for :icondenism79: - My art hero, he is so so so creative, he has an amazing and unique style, I wish I could draw like him. My favourite pieces are El Topo, Taxi Driver, Chamber, and Punisher 70's Vigilant Re-Design, to name but a few.

OK, my questions to you!
1. If you had to live (as a protagonist-type character!) in any fictional universe, which universe would you pick?
2. Does your mind imagine in first-or-third person?
3. Do you put effort into dressing in a certain style regularly, and if not, would you like to - which style?
4. If you could receive the talents of your favourite artist (art, music, writing, etc.) instantly, would you do it?
5. What's your comfort film/game/song/book that always cheers you up?
6. Any pet-peeves? 
7. What's the most exciting/beautiful location you've ever travelled to (or, where would you want to go)?
8. If you had a radio station, what kind of genre/content would you play?
9. Is there a dream project you'd love to work on?
10. Have you ever had a dream you thought was real/felt real at the time?
11. If you had superpowers, would you be a hero or a villain?

Don't do it if you don't want to, guys! ^_^'' :iconstarlightbluedreamer: :iconthelastcybertronian: :iconkirby-bros: :iconwolfworld87: :iconloreamstudios: :iconjustanothermadone: :iconflorthewriter: OK I'm not doing any more. XD And uh, tag-back if you wanted to answer my questions, or consider yourself tagged if you want to. ^w^
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Who is this mysterious boy and why are they already my new favourite. So hyped for Kirby Star Allies. (TдT)
Lautgwanath Eythira
New back-up character in case Arvid kicks the bucket, goodness forbid. But I do love this guy. :'D Lautgwanath (his name combines Tolkien's elvish for living thing and the process of dying) is a wood elf druid in the Circle of Spores, who also dabbles in worship of Naralis Analor, whose dogma he feels is in perfect harmony with the Circle's ideals. His cloak is an overgrown bamboo fungus that stinks, and he has lichen growing on parts of his body, making him an oddity as soon as he leaves his home in the Lorewood Grove.

Lautgwanath Eythira | Wood Elf | 338 years old | 5’ 9’’ | Outlander | Circle of Spores Druid / Life Domain Cleric of Naralis Multiclass | True Neutral
Lautgwanath's parents were obsessed with sickness and death. Although wealthy, they wasted much on medicine. Their child, Laute, was fascinated with their fear and explored forests to learn more, seeking rotting vegetation and dead animals. Concerned for his health, his parents stifled him until he ran away from home at 80. Disappearing into Lorewood Grove, he was found by druid Alamai, who took him as a son and gave him his adult name. He followed her into the Circle. Alamai's teachings inspired reverence for Naralis, whose worship he took up. He became an outcast like Alamai, preferring quiet contemplation of his surroundings. He still seeks company, feeling it's his job to help others find purpose in the cycle of life and death.
Slow, calm, and lazy. He’s kind and non-judgemental. He observes and offers guidance to help others ‘find a purpose’.
Everything must follow the purpose it was created for; he wants to help others find and accept their role in life and death. Being a spiritual guide of sorts, he takes the stance that the right decision is always the one you feel in your gut. However, although he believes you have the right and responsibility to follow your destiny, anyone who takes it upon themselves to oppose your destiny must be equally right, since they are also committed to an ideal.
Naralis' wisdom, the Circle, and the well-being of creatures around him. Dedicated to keeping the balance between life and death. The idea that everyone is standing for their own destiny, with their own ideals, is included in this concept of constant rebirth and change.
He is apathetic to good & evil, encouraging the bringers of both equally. He has no real grasp on what he himself stands for during conflicts. He hates metal contraptions, leading to some friction when dealing with gnomes or artificers, and is extremely slow and lazy.
The Crew - Barak and Bidd

Companions for Captain Kaithus and first mate Evavain. We didn't get to use these guys for anything but the one-shot is tied to our main campaign, so they might pop up later. Also, tried a new colouring thang with just ink sketch and a multiply layer, which is very quick, nice for a non-serious picture like this.

Barak Thunor – 43 – Illuskan Variant Human – N – Acolyte – Cleric (Tempest Domain)

Barak was part of a line of clerics serving at a church to Valkur on a tiny isolated island. No-one lives there but the lone priest who’s running the church at the time. The church was incredibly lucrative as sailors of all kinds travelled far and wide to pay for blessings. Barak was bored with his life and wanted to study weather patterns out at sea, but felt begrudgingly duty-bound to stay.

Kaithus heard about the miracles bestowed on sea travellers – and the wealth lying unprotected bar one priest. Although attacking the holy site was taboo, Kaithus wanted to check it out under the guise of honest miracle-seekers.

Barak wasn’t intimidating except for an obvious split personality – he had an explosive temper he occasionally switched into, before going unnaturally calm and sleepy. The cleric blessed them and invited them to stay the night; during the evening meal, they spiked Barak to knock him out.

Kaithus ordered them to ‘take everything that wasn’t nailed down’, and they set about loading up the ship with the treasure horde. After setting sail, they took inventory and found Barak sleeping under a mound of rugs. Evavain explained he took him because he thought he was included in the ‘not nailed down’ category.

When Barak came to, he was initially infuriated and about to fight them, but it suddenly clicked that this was the ideal opportunity to get away from the island for good. Kaithus was eager to dump him back on the island, but Barak forcefully stated he was now the victim of kidnapping and refused to budge. He also pointed out how useful he’d be, so Kaithus eventually agreed to keep him as a ‘prisoner’.

Barak secretly loves the ship, but still plays the victim regularly and would use that excuse if other servants of Valkur reclaimed him. When chilled, he studies and tries to teach Evavain academic and etiquette lessons. Evavain obediently listens out of pure terror of Barak’s powers.  

Bidd Rainstep – 145 – Lightfoot Halfing – NG – Sailor – Bard (College of Lore)

Bidd was a pirate who lived for the thrill of daring voyages and close shaves with death on the high seas. However, due to her advancing age, she was finding it harder to get acceptance from a captain, leaving her stranded on land. She spent a year working as an entertainer by the seafront, regaling others with tales of her past adventures while longing for another.

She was immediately intrigued by Kaithus and Evavain when they docked for supplies. Evavain liked listening to her singing and, ever transparent, happily told her about their story up to that point when asked.

Figuring that they were low on crew members and in need of some experienced advice, Bidd went to Kaithus, saying she would be a great asset that wouldn’t demand a high price. Kaithus wasn’t convinced she’d be able to keep up, so she made a bet over a game of cards – if she won, she’d become a crewmember. She secured victory by cheating, and explained how she’d won when Kaithus questioned it. Her swindling expertise tipped the balance and he decided to let her abroad.

Bidd combines wit with her unassuming presence to swindle others. She also takes on a somewhat motherly role, ensuring everyone aboard the ship gets what they need and keeping their spirits up with songs and stories. She’s also quite saucy and playful, flirting with most everyone she meets given half a chance – particularly Kaithus.

The Crew - Hydra Attack!
D&D PIRATE ONE-SHOT STUFF YAY! (Also, new colouring style test!)  Kaithus the swashbuckling tiefling pirate befriended elven barbarian Evavain, who had been living as the forcefully-adopted son of a noble family. He silently hated his new restrained life that was full of etiquette that grated his totem warrior spirit. The pair met on an airship that was soon besieged by hags. By the end of their adventure, after defeating a hydra, Kaithus saw a chance to begin his own crew. He ‘kidnapped’ (i.e. invited) Evavain, held him for ransom, got a pretty penny from his ‘family’, then took him away for the adventure of a lifetime on the high seas.
Kaithus is a bit cowardly, but he has wit, wiles, and charisma to make up for it. He's out to make his fortune and best the rival captain he once served under and who later betrayed him. Meanwhile, wide-eyed innocent Evavain is happy to go along with his new 'pack leader', who lets him embrace his wild side. He was glad to give Kaithus all the expensive goods his noble family had forced him to take and is now happily equipped with his Belt of Hill Giant Strength and the wolf-fur scraps that remind him of his feral upbringing.


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